Action for  Mosul 



Calligraphy by the Artist Behnam Egzeer


Action for Mosul is Action for Iraq.

Why Action for Mosul?
Agenda and Minutes of Meetings Pages  
Press and Communications - Action for Mosul
  Statement/Press release by Action for Mosul UK Committee on the murder of Mar Baulis Faraj Rajjo
To the Archbishop in his predicament Dr Sayyar Al-Jameel, Canada

Brief plan for the Action Group
Sayyar Al-Jameel article: Almosul fi Anakikum  الموصـــل في أعناقكم
Almosul by Dirk Adriaensen
No attack on Mosul, BRussels Tribunal

Photographs:  Mosul in December 2007

Al-Zanjili war crime in photos

Who killed Archbishop Mar Baules Faraj Rahho and how?

The late lamented Mar Baules Faraj Rahho - March 2008