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This section of Almosul website was the foundation to the current website during the difficult time Mosul passed through after the occupation. New o Mosul and Nineveh were scarce if not totally ignored. However, in recent years things have changed. All international news agencies are focused on Mosul. In addition, all sections of Mosulis are now represented in local government tiers and the Iraqi Parliament.

Almosul Observer was the only source that conveyed to the world news and events from Mosul and the targeting assassinations of Iraqi academics and scientists.

Action for Mosul association focused on reflecting the terrible state of affairs in Mosul and the neglect to its history and its heritage and the eminent dangers at the time to its historic sites and Mosul Dam. It lobbied heavily in the British and Scottish Parliament to raise the profile of the dangers facing the heritage sites and many MPs raised the issue in the Parliament and lobbied the government to take an action.

Our aims now to concentrate on Mosul culture and heritage and to become a major source and a future encyclopaedia on these subjects. Chief Editor
and Chair of Action for Mosul

The following section of the website is kept as a reference and is no longer updated for the reasons mentioned above      

Almosul Reporter (New between 2006 to 2008)


الراصد الموصلي: الاخبار 2006 - 2008


Action for Mosul


اكشن فور موصل