Scenes from Old Baghdad by Dr Saad al-Fattal


  Press on images to enlarge  اضغط على الصور لنكبيرها    
  British soldiers marching in Baghdad in 1917 in Bab Al-Mu'adhem
  Traain Engin Name baghdad 863 cira 1917    
  Fire Engine baghdad 1920 in Rasheed street    
  The opening of Maud bridge to River traffic 1920    
  Crowded Old Bridge in Baghdad cira 1920    
  The opening of the Old bridge in Baghdad to river traffic in in 1918    
  Listening to military band YMCA garden 1918    
  Maude Bridge Baghdad    
  The opening of Maud Bridge in Baghdad to river traffic 1922
  Midan (Maiden) Square in Baghdad 1928    
  Exchange square, Al-Rasheed Street, Baghdad circa 1923    
  Horse tramway, baghdad 1920    
  Sayyid sultan ali mosque, Baghdad