hd   Registration Marks, Cars and People    
    This is to tell the story of an unwritten part of Mosul history.

The people who initiated the work were two brothers from Mosul who relentlessly search piles of papers, documents and correspondence in the old archives of the administration of Mosul's province, the old traffic department at Mosul police to find out what this missed part of Mosul and its people. 


    The section will be introducing each registration mark, its owners and the cars assigned to.    

We rely on the support of Mosul's people for their support and request them to send us all the data they have and photographs of cars that carried the number plate and as much history they wish on the people who owned these registration marks and cars.

    We shall be adding these information when they reach us.    
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    Registrations unknown


  Reg Mark Mosul 50    
    Mosul ?? Dodge 1957. Owner on a summer vacation in the North of Iraq. The guests according to the photographs in the Album were Musleh Al-Naqashbandi, and Abdalla Nashaat with family. Does the car belong to these families??

Please let us now

    Mosul 135    
    Mosul 166  Vauxhall    
    Mosul 290    
    Mosul 705    
    Mosul 1535    

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