More leukaemia in Iraq than after Hiroshima


Bill Wilson, SMP, talking in Scottish Parliament about leukaemia in Fallujah and he want to send Tony Blair to war crime court...etc. I looked into his articles in his web site, these are based on few British newspapers and one article from International Journal of Environmental Studies and Public Health ( IJERPH) ( see the attachment), this article is only based on field survey in Fallujah houses and asking people some questioner. Do you think that IRAQI families will tell proper facts about their medical conditions? There are no proper Epidemiological, no pathological, and no radiological studies to prove such claims. At the end of this article saying that they don't know which material or agent can be blamed for such cancer incidence. They mention depleted Uranium as a potential cause.

Comment bt Dr saad Zakko

I know from my field that the risk of depleted uranium is more of its chemical toxicity not its radiation effect. There are so many exaggeration in the media about the ill effect of depleted Uranium because of its name.