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Behnam Al-Agzeer


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      Almosul, Nineveh (click to enlarge)      
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      Behnam Al-Agzeer in his office      


Arabic Patterns (click to enlarge)

    Calligraphy Exhibition, London

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      Friends at the exhibition      
      Mr Egzeer (left) with Saad Tokatly      
    Names of the people in the photos: Mrs Egzeer, Mr and Mrs Sami Rammo,Dr Aziz Abdul Nour, Mr Faik Hanna    
      Mr Saad Tokatly in front of one of Mr Egzeer's art work at the exhibition      
Mr Egzeer's Exhibition


18 May - 31 August 2010

Arabic Calligraphy Exhibit - the Iraqi calligrapher, Mr Bihnam Al-Agzeer at the Arthur Probsthain Bookshop/Gallery, 41 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3PE.

Future exhibition: The Mall December - March

For further information contact Mr Saad Tokatly.



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