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  For Leopards in Iran and Iraq, Land Mines Are a Surprising Refuge. Peter Schwartzstein, for National Geographic. PUBLISHED December 19, 2014
  The tragedy of the Arabs
  The Zionist Plan for the Middle East. Translated and edited by Israel Shahak, The Israel
  Iraq in Crisis. Anthony H. Cordesman and Sam Khazai. January 6, 2014
  The killing of journalists in Iraq. Dirk Adriaesens, Global research
  Hazards of Revolution by Patrick Cockburn
  The transformation of violence in Iraq. Penny Green and Tony Ward. British Journal of Criminology. 2009 / abstract
  Iraqi Security Forces Require Significant Human Rights Training

Britains policy on Syria has just been sunk, and nobody noticed . 14 December 2013 PATRICK COCKBURN

  The Islamists hijacking of Arab hope. By Jamal Kanj

Seymour Hersh exposes US government lies on Syrian sarin attack

  Poll on deaths in Iraq ignored by British media
  Iraq: Wave of Journalist Killings . Human Rights watch

Profile: Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant -ISIS


ninawa's bold move: toward an independent oil policy for iraq's Sunni Muslims?

  Crisis of democracy for Islamic parties
  Guide to AL-Basra (Al-Basra Directory). Dr Ahmed Bash Ayan   (pdf)
  lets be friends again: Turkey and Iraq plan joint security measures, mutual visits. Ahmad al-Rubaie
  How the Sunni-Shia schism is dividing the world. Robrt Fisk. The Independant 4 Nov 2013
The War in Iraq: an Assessment.  W T Whitney 30 Oct 2013

As Syria disintegrates, so too does Iraq. Patrick Cockburn, 29 Oct 2013

  Analysis: Iraqs never-ending security crisis. Michael Knights
  Iraqs Oil Historical Perspective: Why? When? How? By Tariq Shafiq (pdf)
  First steps to energy independence.
  Arab sunset. from After the Sheikhs: The Coming Collapse of the Gulf Monarchies
  The Crisis of Moral Decline in Iraqi Society By: Ali Mamouri for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse October 15.
  How Turkey blew its chance to lead this troubled region. Patrick Cockburn. 29 Sep 2013

Who Are We?  Iraq Struggles With Its National Identity. Harith Hasan for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse

  Now Egyptians are all paying the price. Ahdaf SoueifThe Guardian, Wednesday 14 August 2013

Erbil is Middle East Capital of Tourism. By Haider Najm


The Massacres in Egypt Are a Precursor to a Wider Global Conflict

Between the Elites and the Worlds Poor. Alert Net

  Arab Community in Diaspora: United Kingdom, Report. Link / download or printing
  killed for their clothes: why mosul locals prefer boring dress. Abdalla Salem
  Intelligence. Dr Mohanad A Ali
  Saudis' Unprecedented Break with Washington over Egypt. By F. William Engdahl. Global Research, July 18, 2013
  Qatar: US Proxy in America's Terror War in Syria. By Phil Greaves. Global Research, July 01, 2013
  Secret Meeting to Plan Renewed Rebel Offensive against Syria: Senior Intelligence Officials Meet behind Closed Doors at British Embassy in Ankara. By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, July 08, 2013
  The Global War on Terrorism: The Fight for Truth Continues. By Global Research
Global Research, July 08, 2013
  Ten Years after Iraq: Archaeology, Archaeologists, and U.S. Foreign Relations.
By: Morag M. Kersel and Christina Luke
  An epidemic of birth defects is unfolding in Iraq
  Babylon's hanging garden: ancient scripts give clue to missing wonder. Dalya Alberge
  America is Losing its Covert Syria War: US Sponsored Al Nusra Rebels Defeated by Syrian Armed Forces. By Prof Michel Chossudovsky - Global Research

History lessons the West refuses to learn. Patrick Cocknurn May 2013

  At her anniversary day: Dignity like bread, a right to survive. Alya'a al-Ansari, Director of Daughters of mesopotamia Organisation on International Women Day
(in English)

The Mother of All Immigrants: 111-year-old Chaldean woman becomes U.S. citizen. By Natasha Dado. Friday, 01.20.2012.

Kissinger, the most famous living practitioner of international statecraft
Iran will retaliate against U.S. troops and Israel. by David Swanson

(Reuters) - Foreign investors seeking a foothold in Iraq take heed: you'll need a healthy dose of patience, a flexible schedule, and a love of tea. By Serena Chaudhry BAGHDAD Wed Jan 11, 2012 9:23am EST

  How Iraq Can Define Its Destiny, by ALi Allawi - New Yrok Times. 1/1/2012
  How to Save Iraq From Civil War - NY By Ayad Allawi, Osama Al-Nujaifi and Rafe al-Essawi, Published: December 27, 2011

Iraq and the Kurds: Confrontating withdrawal Fears. Middle East Report N103 28 March 2011

  Under the radar: identifying third-generation uranium weapons

Local uprisings in Iraq 1808 - 1831. A. M. D. Riyad al-Asadi

  The Usury Battle. Originally published on December 22, 2006.
Translated by Mohammad Dandan
  The Canvas Prison (anonymous)

The consequences of a US war crime: Cancer rate in Fallujah worse than Hiroshima. By Tom Eley 23 July 2010


In Iraq's danger zone, June 2010
By Timothy Williams, Published in Mosul Journal, June 21, 2010. Mosul, Iraq

  Mosul: Iraq in Microcosm. Maria Fantappie
  IOM Helps IDP Families Living Near Garbage Dump in Mosul
Source: International Organization for Migration (IOM). 30 Jul 2010
  Camelot-Nearly-Upon-Tigris. Rabi'a Tawir Family in Mosul,Campbell Robertson, April 17, 2009
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