I was once very young

Who would sing any song

I would laugh at any joke

And would chuckle as I talk


I was once truly free

As a sparrow on a tree

I would fly here and there

And could soar without a care


I was bold, I was daring

I was soft, I was caring

I would venture anywhere

And may touch a star up there


I had once a dancing soul

That would dart, never crawl

I had heart ready to spark

If a beauty hits the mark


Now I feel so very tame

With no fire or a  flame

With no twinkles in my eyes

Oh old age stop your sighs


Oh my youth call again

Wake me up, jerk the brain

Dust my soul, brush the rust

Bring me laughter with a gust


Oh my youth bring me cheers

Ring your bells in my ears

Shine your sun and chase the rain

Flash your rainbow once again

Ghanim Anaz

Watford, Herts, U.K

April 2013