Obituary Peter Kandela  نعي الدكتور وليد (بيتر) قندلا


Obituary Peter Kandela

Thursday, 31 May 2012 09:36

IFHHRO received the sad news that Peter Kandela died on 30 April. He was one of the founders of Physicians for Human Rights UK and in that capacity played an important role in the foundation of IFHHRO.

Kandela was an Iraq-born London-based GP, who was was not only a good doctor and medical writer, but also a human rights activist. As chairman of PHR-UK he was the inspiration and organiser of fact-finding missions in Kashmir, Kuwait, Egypt, South Africa and Rwanda. He organised conferences on prison health and disappearances, and wrote articles.

PHR-UK (now called Doctors for Human Rights) was one of the founding organisations of IFHHRO, and Peter Kandela represented his organisation at the first conferences of IFHHRO in Lage Vuursche, the Netherlands. He was an enthusiastic supporter of international cooperation and instrumental in shaping IFHHRO.

IFHHRO remembers Peter Kandela with gratitude for all he did in the field of health and human rights.

Adriaan van Es, secretary IFHHRO

International Federation of Health and Human Rights Organisations

Peter Kandela: The Lancet

Jan 30, 1999 – Peter Kandela is a general practitioner and trainer in Ashford, Middlesex, UK. He writes extensively for the medical press (including The Lancet, ...

The people were backstabbed by the Americans in 1991 when 17 cities were ready to revolt and waited for the allies to come. And no one came. And Saddam slaughtered them all. My father's cousins were beheaded, my grandfather killed and my family is wanted dead or alive.

Dr Peter Kandela, 55, medical practitioner, Staines, Middlesex

The Lancet, Volume 350, Issue 9071, Page 126, 12 July 1997 

doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(05)61843-0 Cite or Link Using DOI
Road-death rate in Arab Gulf states overtakes that in USA

Peter Kandela 

Concern is growing in the Arab Gulf states, especially in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, about the medical and social impact of the increasing number of road-traffic accidents. According to a study released in Saudi Arabia, the number of road-traffic victims in the Gulf has risen to an average of 16 dead and 149 injured every day. 
The author of the study, Ali Ai-Ghamidi of King Saud University concludes that these figures are higher per head than those in the USA. He points out that this high accident ...